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Our product: Commercial AD. High quality scenes, voice over and soundtrack.

How the process works?

In Just Ads Express in 3 easy steps:

  • Selecting Scenes
  • First step: When a customer makes a purchase, we chose some scenes related to their business from our large bank of video footage. Next, we create a preview using low-quality pictures and non-professional voices for the customer to approve. We then proceed to develop the final version of the product.
  • Choosing a Voiceover
  • Step Two: With approval in place, a text needs to be chosen for the narration. We provide various speakers and soundtracks for the customer to select a text that fits their business.
  • Product delivery
  • Step Three: Once we have all the necessary information, we endeavor to produce a high-quality narration and professional soundtrack chosen by the customer within seven days.


JUST Ads Express


Just Ads Express is specialized in working with pre-made products. We change the information from a file, whilst keeping the same layout or artwork, or adapting these according to the individual client’s needs. We have partnerships with US companies that provide us with the artwork, and Brazilian companies that handle online services such as editing.


Market today has many companies that sell templates, but not all consumers know how to edit, configure or create quality content or even have time to do so. We are here to help small business to stand out in the market

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Voice overs

Choose the voice that best fits your business or project from a selection of 10 different narrators.

  • Narrator 1 - Male
  • Narrator 2 - Female
  • Narrator 3 - Male
  • Narrator 4 - Male
  • Narrator 5 - Female
  • Narrator 6 - Male
  • Narrator 7 - Male
  • Narrator 8 - Male
  • Narrator 9 - Female
  • Narrator 10 - Male

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Q: Does the Just records some kind of video?
A: No, We used a base of scenes already recorded for your commercial AD

Q: Who records the voice narrations?
A: A great company specialized in high quality narration

Q: What is the quality of the commercial AD?
A: We provide, after customer approval the commercial, the .mp4 or .avi file, with resolution 1080px.

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